google map of 2023 zambia village partners

Zambian Partner Villages Identified!

After much research, baseline data collection, and engagement with a host of local leaders (elected and tribal) in Zambia, we have selected three villages to partner with; village launches will take place in the coming weeks.

Shanta staff have visited this area and seen the conditions there…dire.  Here is one example, the primary school in the area has four classrooms and almost 400 students.  Most of the teachers do not have housing in the community and must travel up to 20+ kilometers each way to get to the school daily.  In the rainy season, this is almost impossible and very dangerous.  The children, who often walk 5+ kilometers to get to school, cannot start school until they are almost ten because the walk is too long and dangerous.  Young children, especially girls, are not allowed to make this journey due to the risk of rape/assault.   

This is just one example of the roadblocks to development and prosperity.  Without access to education, what hope is there? 

Guided by the village leadership, we will ensure that all aspects of extreme poverty are addressed over the course of our six-year partnership.  This usually includes enhanced livelihoods (i.e., food security), improved education, reduced child marriage and gender-based violence, clean water, entrepreneurial support, women’s empowerment, and better access to health care, especially women’s reproductive health facilities. 

Thanks to our Zambia sponsors, these villages will receive the financial support necessary to fully engage in our partnership. Together, we will work to ensure these villages see an end to their extreme poverty.