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Vibrant Village Foundation Visits Myanmar

Dana Delaski, Vibrant Village Foundation, reflects on her visit to our partner villages in the Shan State and Pauk Township earlier this year. In her thoughtful blog post, Dana shares four key takeaways on her first trip to Myanmar. Shanta/Muditar has partnered with Vibrant Village Foundation since 2017. We celebrate the achievements so far and look forward to the opportunities this collaboration will bring in the upcoming years.

The greatest changes can’t be seen from the surface.

I truly feel that the deepest, most profound changes are those that occur inside us—in our hearts and minds—which then manifest outwardly. It seemed that Muditar shares this sentiment, because much of their work emphasizes empowerment, leadership, and self-determination. And while internal change can be difficult to see in a short visit, there were undoubtedly moments when I felt it.

I felt it during our first meeting with a group of community members, when the whole room erupted when asked what they were most looking forward to in the coming years with Muditar.

I felt it when we were told that the gathering area in which we had our meeting had recently been donated by a community member.

And I felt it when the leader of a village we visited said, without having been asked a specific question, “before Muditar, I didn’t know about human rights. Now I see that everyone has the same potential and can speak up.

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