Shanta’s Pillars of Sustainable Development

Shanta’s long-term and inclusive partnerships create lasting changes for families in Myanmar

Shanta’s Pillars of Sustainable Development

Trained Local Leadership

In Shanta’s approach to building local capacity, learning happens by doing; villagers become leaders by participating on teams and committees where they plan and implement projects, leverage available resources, conduct village meetings, and involve others fairly and inclusively.

Motivated and Organized Communities

Community members are inspired and motivated to participate and contribute toward development activities through processes that give them a voice, a vote, and sufficient information to make informed decisions. By working together to develop solutions to their shared challenges villagers gain confidence in themselves and in their community.

Compounding Funding Opportunities

The community loan fund that Shanta helps villages launch encourages them to come together to prioritize and pursue development goals, provides a safety net to plan ahead instead of just responding to crises.

Shanta’s commitment to long-term partnerships sets us apart as an organization.