Paul Farmer: Pioneer in Social Justice

Shanta Foundation addresses inequalities in rural Myanmar by empowering villages to assess their own needs and fund their own solutions. Community banks, transparent committees, and training in new income-producing activities provide dignity and a path out of poverty for villages that have been stripped of so much.

It has been over a month since the death of Paul Farmer. He opened the world’s eye to many of the atrocities caused by extractive colonialism that have resulted in the loss of resources and livelihoods for many natives. Along with Partners in Health, the global nonprofit he co-founded in 1987, he brought social justice to the forefront of many people’s awareness through his writings and his sheer determination.

As he stated in a talk four days before he died, “Who lives and who dies is too often determined by social station, by racism, by histories of colonial rule, and by gender inequality. This can be countered and has been and will be when we come together to build a progressive social justice movement that reaches far from wherever we may live.”

We owe Paul Farmer a great debt. Shanta Foundation looks to him as a shining example of what we can do when we look far from where we live to make lives better for people who have lost so much.

Shanta Foundation founders, Mike and Tricia Karpfen with Thar Nge, co-founder of Muditar.

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