Insight Trip Participant Reflections

Shanta hosted 8 adventurous supporters on our Inaugural Zambian Insight Trip in September for 10 days, combining impactful time in our partner villages with tourism to some incredible sights, including Victoria Falls and South Luangwa safaris. We asked participants to share their thoughts on the trip, and here is what they said:

You Guys Nailed It!

• We can talk all day about what it looks like to be a member of one of our partner villages, but the act of looking into their eyes and seeing their humanity in full display forces a deeper appreciation of the work Shanta is doing.

• Visiting the school and clinic was very impactful. I also really liked being a part of the VDT meetings in each village and getting to see the ways in which Shanta/PAF are educating the villagers through skits and interactions.

• Stepping off the bus in an extremely poor village to smiles, music, laughter, and hospitality was more than I could ever imagine.

• My favorite part was the village experience, recognizing dancing and hugging as a means of communicating, bonding with the other team members, and recognizing how Shanta truly is investing in the people of Zambia.

• Thx for such a fun trip! I would love to go back in 5 years to see the progress in the partner villages.

• The trip was incredible, and I feel fortunate to have been able to participate. It made me grateful for so many things back home, like the fact that our little community has an NGO like Shanta that is doing tremendous work globally and a greater appreciation for our banking system in the U.S., which gives us access to capital to buy a home, start a business, etc.

• I was overwhelmed by the joy the villagers had when we arrived. They inspire me to want to do more with all we have here – what they wouldn’t give to just have a hose like we have in our yard!

• I loved the trip, recognizing vast cultural differences but also realizing we all share the same dreams for our children, hope for goodness, and emotional and spiritual desires.