Humble Roots, Big Dreams

Nang Ohn Kyi has humble roots and big dreams. She comes from a poor village where her family subsists on growing cheroot, wheat, and tea leaves. Nang Ohn Kyi is the first in her family to attend high school. Because of the support of scholarships from Shanta Foundation, she graduated from University in 2018. She has been employed in the hospitality industry and worked her way up to be a Hotel Manager. She is so touched by her educational experience that Nang returns to her village whenever possible to teach children and inspire them to get an education.  

While Shanta no longer provides direct scholarships, our Community Banks offer the opportunity for the creation of scholarship funds that are directly managed by the village Community Bank Team. Many of our partner villages have created these scholarship funds to support children further their education, something most families are not able to do without additional financial help. Dozens of young people like Nang Ohn Kyi have received this support to help them on their path to an education.   

Your support helps set up Community Banks and give girls and boys the opportunity to dream of a future beyond working in the fields – to be a doctor, a hotel manager, or a teacher!