By committing to these core values, Shanta engages in supportive and impactful partnerships with villages in Myanmar

Community Led Development


The process of working together to create and achieve village determined vision and goals, and working to realize systemic change rather than just short-term projects.  Community members set priorities and take the lead in planning and organizing multi-sector development activities.



Shanta and its village partners combine resources and share risks in pursuit of common objectives.  The partnership accelerates progress by bringing scale, effectiveness and innovation to development efforts.  Villages contribute a reasonable amount of labor, materials, time and money to all development activities based on village capacity.



By respecting and appreciating different perspectives and needs, especially from marginalized or excluded groups, our partnership promotes increased commitment, innovation, and solutions that benefit more people.  The largest number of people possible, women and men, are encouraged to participate in development activities and collective decision-making.

Equality & Equity


All development programs should benefit villagers fairly and equally. Village leaders work with Shanta staff to develop creative solutions for including the poorest and most vulnerable, even when they can’t contribute financially.



The availability of full information about priorities, decisions, and actions builds trust and alignment, and is required for active community collaboration. All villagers are made aware of VDT actions and decisions and have an opportunity to contribute feedback.



Shanta’s development model enables villages to improve independently. During the six-year partnership, village leaders have time to develop the problem-solving skills required to maintain programs and engage the entire village in a continuous improvement process. The duration of the partnership offers every villager time to build critical confidence in themselves, in each other, and in their community.