Education + Opportunity = Women’s Empowerment

20-Year-old Nan Khan Pin has participated in her village Self Help Group (SHG) since she was 18. Her education only went through 5th grade, and as the youngest member of the village group, she was not confident in her accounting abilities. Her basic bookkeeping skills were gained through volunteering with data collection for Muditar and helping with other village management tasks. Mostly, Nan Khan Pin wanted to start saving for herself. Her income was minimal, only allowing her to save about 20 cents a month, but her eagerness to learn propelled her forward, and the women’s group elected her to be their bookkeeper!

“I am able to use my skills in our SHG after attending a series of trainings. Now village leadership know that youths also are capable and they also asked me to help in bookkeeping of other projects. I found myself gain more confidence in my work.”  Nang Kham Pe shared her experience.

Typically, youth do not participate in village management affairs- roles fulfilled by village leaders. Nan Khan Pin proved herself as a contributing youth villager through her hard work and dedication. Now, Nan Khan Pin is a very dependable member who also helps in the village community bank and the village scholarship project. She also helps at the village development team meetings by taking minutes and helps village women attend regular women’s group discussions. 

“I will continue keeping my good work as a woman member. I also want to learn how we can approach and present in front of public. Without Muditar and without this SHG, I will never get the opportunity like this. So, I’m really grateful to Muditar and donors.” she expressed her feelings.

Nan Khan Pin is a fantastic example of how our Women’s Empowerment programs provide the training, experience, and confidence to pave paths out of poverty.