Boarding School Arthur and Elizabeth with Student

Donor Feature: Why Advisory Board members, Arthur Cohen and Elizabeth Karcher, invest in Shanta . . .

Thirteen years ago Elizabeth and I went to Myanmar and spent one day visiting remote villages that hadn’t progressed in hundreds of years. We were moved by the generosity, kindness and work ethic of the people, and the extraordinary efforts they were exerting to help themselves, despite the complete absence of any of the advantages of modern society. Shortly thereafter, we had the opportunity to become involved with Shanta Foundation. We have been working with Shanta ever since.

In 2016, we travelled to Myanmar on their Insight Trip, and one thing we immediately noticed was the dramatic differences between villages that have already had the benefit of Shanta’s support compared to the villages in the early stages of partnership. It really makes clear the extraordinary value Shanta brings to the villages. On this same trip, we met our boarding school student, at the KJG Education Center. You know that feeling of a full heart? That’s how we feel when I think of our student and the great work being accomplished at the school.

Our recent contribution to Shanta is a little different than years before. We thought it would be fun and innovative, to gift weatherproof, digital cameras for the students to use in the classroom.These new tools will enhance communication and provide learning opportunities for the students in many areas including technology, digital media, language, and art. The use of digital imagery, in all areas of the curriculum, can stimulate great creativity and enthusiasm for learning.

We know these projects will have a ripple effect on learning beyond the classroom. There is something magical about seeing an image in your mind and then capturing it forever in a photo or video. We can’t wait to see how the camera lens will expand the students view of the world around them.

Arthur and Elizabeth