Shanta’s six-year partnerships honor and inspire human potential and yield remarkable results.


Partner Villages


Dollars Invested in Development Programs


People Impacted

Providing Local Health Care 

  • 18 auxiliary nurse-midwives trained to provide services in their villages
  • 90 volunteer health educators trained to provide safe motherhood and healthy infant education program in 15 villages
  • 2,600 children and adults have received free dental exams and treatments provided by volunteer dentists
  • More than 475 pregnant women benefitted from prenatal vitamins
  • 655 women chose to receive subsidized contraception

Expanding Livelihood

  • More than $140,000 in 22 community loan funds
  • 250 family pig farms established, tripling family incomes
  • 175 coffee farms & nurseries established

Supporting Education

  • 13 primary schools constructed or improved
  • 5 middle schools constructed
  • 11 preschools established
  • 291 students attended Summer English School, increasing their English proficiency
  • 2 libraries established for 175 students
  • Established special boarding school for 46 of the brightest students to attend middle and high school.

Building Participatory Leadership

  • 23 Village Development Teams (276 men and women) trained to initiate and manage development programs with active community participation
  • More than 10,000 villagers educated in development concepts

Developing Infrastructure

  • 17 water systems installed, delivering clean water to more than 1,600 households
  • Solar lighting systems installed for 300  homes in 3 villages
  • Six miles of village roads and four bridges constructed, providing improved access to markets, schools & healthcare.

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