Updates: Good News to Share

Summer 2016 Newsletter: Elevating Womenwomengroup2

With a decade under our belt, we’ve seen significant changes in our partner villages—the kind of changes that take time, commitment, creativity and constant support. From education that keeps women safe to economic opportunities that ensure future success, we indeed have good news to share! Read a letter from a Shanta-sponsored student, an interview with Tricia Karpfen (co-founder and board member), and learn more about our productive pig farms in this season’s newsletter.

Spring Newsletter: Empowering Villages through Education

What should have been a joyous occasion for the Shanta staff was instead an experience in heartbreak.  After just one year of partnership with Khun Dong village we were about to see their beautiful new primary school, built after several months of hard work throughout the rainy season by the villagers, and funded by 16 year-old Seth Marvin-Vanderryn. Instead we watched as their 139 children chatted and played aimlessly because the Myanmar government had provided only one teacher for all five grades. Read how the problem was solved!

Winter Newsletter: Connections that Make a Difference

VNM Jan Newsletter Story

This is Shanta Foundation’s 10th anniversary year!  And, we have so many things to celebrate and be thankful for.  Especially all of you who have helped us to reach across the world to a people in need and make a difference in their lives for generations to come. To give a child the chance for an education.  To comfort and safely guide a young woman giving birth for the first time.  And, to help parents earn money for basic necessities by starting a pig farm.  You made these happen along with us and we’re grateful. Read more here.

Fall Newsletter: Creating Opportunities

Myanmar has certainly been in the news this year both with stories of growth and change, but also about the persistence of poverty still present in so many communities. Things that I never expected are occurring like excellent cell phone service in the villages, the ability to wire money directly to our staff in their town, being stuck in Yangon traffic jams, and Krispy Kreme opening 10 donut shops in Yangon.  Some say these are all signs of positive economic growth, but unfortunately there is still few opportunities in the rural villages. Two of our newest partner villages, Chaung Kaut and Phet Pone, are our poorest villages to date. Click here to read more!

Spring Newsletter: Together We’ve Created Something Amazing! Pone Phrone preschool

Many of you have been an integral part of Shanta’s success these past nine years and I wish you could know how much I appreciate your confidence and generosity. Together, we have created something amazing – a powerful and sustainable model that enables entire villages, poor subsistence farming families, to have opportunities previously unimaginable to them.  Click here to read more!


Winter Newsletter: Brighter Futures and More Opportunities!

P1030501 For NL

Our dream since the outset of Shanta Foundation has been to improve the lives of as many villagers in Myanmar as possible.  We’ve become very good at what we do and their needs are serious  Through the years we have fine-tuned our sustainable development model and it is making a substantial difference for thousands of families.  We are now poised for significant                                                                              growth. Click here to read more!

Here We Grow! Fall 2014 Newsletter

Our Annual Fall Fundraiser was a success! Zaw Zaw overlooking Durango More than 230 people were inspired, entertained, enjoyed wonderful food and contributed to Shanta at our annual fundraiser in Durango, CO this past October 2nd. The special guest of the evening was Zaw Zaw, our program manager, who came all the way from Myanmar to tell his story and say thank you to our donors. He wowed us all with his charm, smiles and stories of life in the villages. Click here to read more!

May 2014 Newsletter

Notes from The Field

When we found ourselves in the middle of an opium field we knew it was time to turn around.  It all started six months ago when Thomas, a district head from the Pa-O National Liberation tribe (PNLO), approached Shanta to ask for our help in developing their region. The region had just signed their first cease-fire agreement with the central government, is extremely poor but eager to create opportunities for improvement. Click here to read more!

We were lucky! Updates on the auto accident and Nge Nge’s recovery.Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 7.01.06 PM

In November 2013 during our annual fall trip to visit the staff and villages in Myanmar we were in an awful automobile accident. Nge Nge, our regional manager, sustained major injuries and was flown to Bangkok for treatment. We are forever grateful to the donors who stepped forward to assist us with $50,000 in hospital bills, air evacuations and related expenses. Click here to read a full account of the accident and updates.

Creating sustainable change: Durangoans support work in Myanmar villages, Durango Herald, October 3, 2013.

“It only took one week to change Durangoans Mike and Tricia Karpfen’s lives, and in the subsequent nine years, they have changed the lives of hundreds of others with a lot of help from the Durango community.”  Click here to read the full article about Shanta in the Durango Herald.

Fall 2013

Priscilla Clapp, Mike and Tricia Karpfen The Fall Fundraising event was a success!  Priscilla Clapp, the event’s keynote speaker from Washington D.C., and former Chief-of-Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar, said that the Shanta Foundation is “Myanmar’s most effective sustainable change organization”.  Click here to read more about the event and program updates.

Summer 2013 

IMG_4052 A big thank you to the Cohen, Karcher, Petrello families, the extended Carson family, the family of U Po Tinto and Daw Ma Ma Lay, and the Dannenberg/Singer family for their sponsorship of four of our new villages! Mike had a great trip to Myanmar and witnessed many successes such as the building of a clean water system and a community lending fund entirely managed by women! Click here to read more about more the great developments occuring in our villages.