Providing Health Care

Shanta’s programs provide affordable, village-based health services with a focus on prevention and health education, primarily for women and young children.


ZOOM INDr. Nge Nge, Shanta’s director, exams an infant during midwife supervision

Auxiliary Nurse-Midwife Program


ZOOM INLinda Barnes, a Durango area midwife, trains village midwives.

Each village chooses one or two women to receive training, supervision and supplies to provide health care services for their communities.

  • Prenatal and childbirth services
  • Infant care
  • Contraception options
  • Hospital referrals
  • General medicine


Village Health Educators


ZOOM INDr. Nge Nge supervising the midwives

A group of four or five women in each village receives training to provide educational workshops annually for young mothers.

  • Preparing for a safe childbirth
  • Infant care skills
  • Nutrition
  • General and oral hygiene


Dental Care


ZOOM INVolunteer dentists use an ultrasonic scaler purchased by the Grams family

Funded by the Tom Grams Memorial Fund, Shanta arranges for local dentists to provide free dental care and oral hygiene education for all children, women and men on an annual basis.

This program provides the first dental care that any of our village children or their parents have ever received.

Shanta’s Dental Program is operated in memory and recognition of Durango, CO dentist Tom Gram’s commitment to the needs of the world’s poorest.


  • 99% of all children under the age of five have received immunizations