Supporting Education

Inspiring a lifetime love of learning and opportunities for a K – University education.


ZOOM INPrimary school children in Ta Khae village enjoy their new school sponsored by the Dannenberg-Singer family

Day Care Centers

  • Provide 3 – 5 year-olds a safe and dynamic early learning environment for socialization and healthy brain development
  • Free up parents’ time for daily work
1642 edit

ZOOM INDay Care Center in Tee Lone village

Constructing New Primary and Middle Schools

1903 edit

Margaret Hjermstad sponsored this primary/middle school in Sin Mee

Existing primary schools are often one-room bamboo structures built many years ago with dirt floors, little light, few desks or chairs and are very cold in the winter. Children have a difficult time learning in this environment and often drop out before completing the five grades of primary school.

  • New school buildings are made from concrete block with plenty of operable windows, desks and chairs and, most importantly, separate classrooms for each grade.
  • Middle schools are often far from villages and require children to board away from home. Constructing regional middle schools helps students stay closer to home until high school.

Matching Scholarships for Middle and High School


ZOOM INKyaut Ngat village high school students

Children rarely go beyond primary level because middle and high schools are far from their village and require boarding fees and other expenses. Shanta provides all families a matching grant to cover all expenses for any student who lives away from home.


English Language Summer School

The English language is used for most high school classes and English speakers have a great advantage for employment.  Every summer middle and high school children have the opportunity to attend village-based classes taught by English language specialists from the city.


ZOOM INShanta’s first primary school in Yim Bya village


  • Middle and High school attendance has increased 200% in the average Shanta village.