The talented and motivated Burmese staff whose hard work, skills, and unique insight into our partner villages make Shanta’s work possible

Dr. Seinne Lai Zaw - Country Manager

Seinne Lai is a 37-year-old medical doctor whose career has always been in development. She is smart and curious, a fast learner, motivated and committed to her work, ambitious to succeed, and an open and honest communicator. After working as a health project coordinator, she was recruited four years ago to run a small, local nonprofit in Yangon. As the operations manager, she has been responsible for all activities under a part-time director. She grew the organization from one region to three, from nine staff to 21, and expanded the program types. The program budget at her current organization (not including Yangon office staff) in 2017 is $300,000, which was all raised in Myanmar. Seinne Lai was involved with writing grants and was responsible for administrating them, and has many contacts with funding organizations in Yangon.

Dr. Nge Nge Khaingzar Oo - Regional Director, Health Program Advisor

Dr. Nge Nge is responsible for the successful implementation of all our programs, supervision of Myanmar staff members, and village leadership development. A licensed physician, Nge Nge develops and manages all of Shanta’s health programs. Bright, charismatic and talented, she is deeply committed to helping villagers become more self-sufficient. She is a fabulous trainer with a great sense of humor, and she’s always eager to learn more.

Thar Nge Zaw Tint Hlaing - Program Advisor

Zaw Zaw is responsible for Shanta’s construction and infrastructure projects, economic development programs, and overseeing the organization’s finances. In many ways, Zaw Zaw is the reason we began work in Myanmar. He was Shanta’s first staff member, but he started as a volunteer in 2006 managing the construction of our first primary school in Yim Bya. He was so taken with the village that he relocated there from the city and eventually married a local woman and they now have two children. Zaw Zaw is a true beacon of light for the villagers, providing leadership and inspiration for many areas of village life beyond Shanta’s work.

Hla Hla Aye

Hla Hla Aye

Health Program Officer, Taunggyi & Pin Laung Townships

Nang Than Aye

Education Officer, Taunggyi Township

Wai Ei Phyu

Finance Officer

Sai San Pha

Infrastructure Officer, Pin Laung Township

Moe Hein

Infrastructure Officer, Pin Laung Township

Moe Kyaw

Pin Laung Township Coordinator & Livelihood Officer

Ko Shwe

Education Officer, Pin Laung Township

Zaw Moe Naung

Taunggyi Township Coordinator & Livelihood Officer

Khun Bu Lay

Livelihood Assistant, Pin Laung Township

Khun Aung Sein

Program Coordinator