Vision, Mission, and Values


We envision a world where people work together to ensure all communities are healthy and safe, and individuals are free to flourish.


We partner with underserved rural villages in Myanmar to develop healthy communities.  Through a collaborative process we empower local leadership to make effective, sustainable change focusing on education, quality health care and economic opportunities.


1) The foundation for sustainable community development is skilled local leadership, broad based village engagement and a renewable and reliable source of funds.

2) Comprehensive education, village-based health care, and increased economic opportunities are central to the empowerment and progress of individuals and communities.

3) We first listen, and collaborate to engage the wisdom, resourcefulness and skills of all those involved.

4) We value an emergent process that is receptive to changing conditions.

5) We serve each community with respect and dignity toward the local culture and values.

6) We consciously consider the short and long term impacts of our actions to community, culture and environment.  Always asking if there might be any unintended consequences.

7) Equal participation and leadership by women is essential for healthy communities.

8) We are a humanitarian organization. Our approach is not political, religious or discriminatory.